Fnf.Wiki is a site where you can find Friday Night Funkin mods, as well as learn in detail about each FNF character that will take part in the game. Find categories where you can easily get to know FNF heroes, read about their abilities and play a specific mod. Popular characters like Sonic.EXE, Sans, Whitty, Tricky, Cuphead, Shaggy, Matt, Tabi and more will be featured separately in the sidebar. We have made sure that each visitor to the FNF Wiki site can easily get to the right section and find the information they need.

Popular FNF Characters

Sonic.EXE character


It is one of the most powerful demons and has many minions, one of which is Tails.EXE. Anyone it destroys ...

Sans character


This character has a large round head with an almost never changing facial expression. His smirk does not ...

Cuphead character


They all live on a remote island far from civilization and society. Cuphead has a very brash personality ...

Best FNF Mods

FNF vs VHS Sans mod

FNF vs VHS Sans

In the new Friday Night Funkin mod, you will fight a ...

FNF vs Herobrine Reborn mod

FNF vs Herobrine Reborn

He probably didn't come here with very good intentions if he took ...

FNF Huggy Wuggy Raptime mod

FNF Huggy Wuggy Raptime

This time he has changed a bit, his hair is longer and his mouth is even bigger ...

Friday Night Funkin vs Indie Cross V2 mod

Friday Night Funkin vs Indie Cross V2

These guys got together to teach Boyfriend a lesson and take his ...

Friday Night Funkin Tankman vs Pico mod

Friday Night Funkin Tankman vs Pico

They are both armed and always ready to fight, but this ...

FNF Pico Day 2022 (Funk City: Rewind) mod

FNF Pico Day 2022 (Funk City: Rewind)

He came to Friday Night Funkin many times to defeat ...

FNF Baddies (Cassette Girl, Stalker, NekoFreak and Jazz) mod

FNF Baddies (Cassette Girl, Stalker, NekoFreak and Jazz)

In order to become a winner, each participant must be ...

FNF vs Huggy Wuggy mod

FNF vs Huggy Wuggy

If you think that he is harmless and will not harm you, then you are mistaken. This vicious creature with ...

FNF vs Bambi and Dave V2.5 mod

FNF vs Bambi and Dave V2.5

Rivals are quite experienced musicians, so our main character will have a hard time ...

Guys Look A Birdie mod

Guys Look A Birdie

You need to control your main character, whose skull is half transparent. Through it, a brain glowing ...

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