Cuphead is a bowl-shaped character with a torso, arms, and legs. A tube with white and red stripes sticks out of his head. Cuphead has a younger brother, Mugman, and a grandfather, Elder Kettle. They all live on a remote island far from civilization and society. Cuphead has a very brash personality and is always willing to take risks no matter what the cost. One day he decided to get rich and therefore contacted the devil, to whom he sold his soul, after which his whole life went down the wrong path.


What does this character look like?

Cuphead is usually dressed in a black shirt and red shorts. He also wears white gloves to keep his hands clean. On his feet are brown boots, but sometimes he changes them to red or yellow. Considering that Cuphead has a porcelain body, it becomes clear that this character is very fragile and, after inflicting several blows on him, can shatter into small fragments. If it breaks into pieces, it usually leaves a ghost behind. The ghost has a smoky tail instead of legs, and Cuphead himself changes his main color to blue.

Video Walkthrough

In general, Cuphead is a character who likes to take risks very much, and also does not always think about the consequences. An example is the story when he sold his soul to the devil for money and fame. At that moment, he managed to frame his younger brother, who had very serious problems in the future. Cuphead is also very greedy, so he has practically no friends. If not for his brother Mugman and grandfather, then perhaps he would have lived alone on his island.