FNF Baddies (Cassette Girl, Stalker, NekoFreak and Jazz)

In this interesting FNF Baddies mod, you have to fight in a musical duel with four opponents at once, who really want to defeat Boyfriend. In order to become a winner, each participant must be able to sing and dance beautifully. Our protagonist is famous for these abilities, which is why he is so popular.

FNF Baddies (Cassette Girl, Stalker, NekoFreak and Jazz)

Friday Night Funkin Baddies mod will be difficult, because the BF will have to accept a challenge in a musical battle from fairly strong opponents. Cassette Girl, Stalker, NekoFreak and Jazz often attend such events and are therefore experienced musicians.

In FNF Baddies mod, you will have to help Boyfriend, as it will be very difficult for him alone to defeat this company of opponents. Catch the arrows that will move across the screen so that our main character sings the best in this music game.

Video Walkthrough