FNF Characters

The main FNF characters are BF and GF who want to be together, but there is one caveat - parents are against this until the guy becomes a better rapper. Boyfriend and Girlfriend will do their best to get Daddy Dearest and Mommy Must Murder to approve the girl's choice. It will not be easy, as the main character will have to fight in musical battles with many FNF characters. It will get really hot in here, especially with Friday Night Funkin characters like Sonic.EXE and Sans.

Cuphead character


They all live on a remote island far from civilization and society. Cuphead has a very brash personality ...

Sans character


This character has a large round head with an almost never changing facial expression. His smirk does not ...

Sonic.EXE character


It is one of the most powerful demons and has many minions, one of which is Tails.EXE. Anyone it destroys ...

New awesome FNF characters

There will be a huge number of FNF mods in which you will meet Cuphead, Whitty, Tricky and Hex. These FNF-characters are in no way inferior to the previous ones, because they are eager to defeat the Boyfriend. Their main goal is to do everything possible so that our hero loses and he does not have the opportunity to be with his girlfriend. Even Shaggy, who has never had the opportunity to show his talent to the public before, will want to take part in musical duels. He has such a chance and he will take advantage of it by taking his friend Scooby-Doo with him. There will be other cool FNF characters that will be very difficult to fight. Do you know the character Matt, who devoted his whole life to sports? It turns out that he also decided to participate in a musical duel in order to get another gold medal here. You also have to fight with the horned creature Tabi, who has a very unpleasant voice. All FNF characters will be unique, which is great because this game will never get boring. The variety of Friday Night Funkin characters will blow your mind with every new Friday Night Funkin mod released. It's great that you have joined our fan club on the FNF.Wiki site.