Sans is a small skeleton dressed in sportswear. He usually wears a sweatshirt, shorts and sneakers. This character has a large round head with an almost never changing facial expression. His smirk does not disappear from his face, even when he engages in combat with opponents. He has white pupils that change color to blue-yellow when he is nervous. Sans is a rather lazy character because he likes to sleep a lot. During communication with his brother Papyrus, he always jokes, but his relative does not really like these jokes. Sans loves science fiction, which he likes to talk about to his interlocutors. He is a very friendly skeleton and does a lot to help his friends who need help.


Teleportation and weapons

Sans is a rather lazy character and therefore he does not like to do things that are not interesting to him. He tells his comrades that everyone should only do what is really necessary. Sans abilities are very interesting as he can travel long distances in a short amount of time. In other words, we can say that this skeleton can teleport, since it can be in several places at the same time. He also has a unique ability to deftly move away from the enemy, but this takes a lot of energy from him, so he must rest after the battle.

Video Walkthrough

Sans has a blaster in his arsenal, which he knows how to use very professionally. This blaster is unusual in that it is shaped like an animal skull and fires a thick beam. During the shot, the eyes on the skull begin to blink, after which a yellow beam flies out of it, capable of hitting the enemy hard.