Sonic.Exe is the most popular of the hedgehog demons. He has blue needles, black eyes with blood flowing from them and a fierce hatred for all living things. It is one of the most powerful demons and has many minions, one of which is Tails.EXE. Anyone it destroys becomes a slave to Sonic.Exe, but the demon is able to get everything back to have fun again and enjoy defeating Sonic's friends.


What can this character do?

This is a demon that moved into the body of a hedgehog so that it would not be imprisoned in a crystal. This bad character can fly, teleport and, if necessary, take the form of an ordinary Sonic. This is not all of his abilities. He can grow sharp fangs, just eat someone alive, grab his victim by stretching a long arm out of his mouth. If he has enough prisoners, he can take on his demonic form with multiple eyes.

Video Walkthrough

Most of Sonic.Exe abilities are unknown, but in his world, he can do a lot. When he gets into the world of FNF, Boyfriend has a very hard time, because dealing with this monster is dangerous. Knowing how brave this guy is, you will definitely be able to sleep peacefully. He fought back Sonic.Exe in all previous FNF mods and never once gave him a chance to win. This great heroism is always present in him, and that is why the Girlfriend loves him so much.